dorksicle asked a stoki highschool picture but first I didn’t really know what to draw. So I have a lot sketches here. :D

I still doesn’t have a scenner so I can just upload photos made by my phone.

The first one is what I’ll finish. :))

In the 3rd picture I had that idea, what if in¬†elementary school both Steve and Loki were the losers with¬†orthodontist and bony body. :D The first picture is after the 3rd just in high school where Steve is a famous football student and everybody know his name STEVE ROGERS! The girls love him and everybody want to be his friend. Meanwhile Loki is still a weird guy who loves weird things. But Steve still not forget his best friend… but why?

Because Loki liked him when nobody noticed him when he was a nothing.

That’s why they’ll fall for each other.

Commission for free

Something? Neeee, I really want to draw, please help me :D

Loki uses public transport WIP

Stoki Hipster WIP

I moved to the capital city yesterday so for a while I can’t upload my drawings, just wip phone photos.

I had!!! to buy this magazine!

It has a giant GOTG poster. *-*

I just watched this afternoon The Guardians of The Galaxy and it was sooooooo good that I have to watch it again. And again, and again, again…. again.

Now I know what I felt yesterday was NOTHING.


I just ran through my house and screamed like a 5 years old little girl.


This. This makes me squeak like a little mutant monkey pig.

Soo Helle asked a punk Loki and/or Steve, so… here it is!

Punk! Stoki :)

Hope you like it! :)

free commision

I’m just so happy, that I got new followers!

C’mon write me, I will draw a quick sketch, just tell me what ! ;)